Hey there! Here's a lil' about me :)

Hello, my name is Denzel Decker, creator of FLY Designs! I graduated from Waukon High School in Waukon, Iowa as well as from Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar, Iowa in 2021. I now am a student at Iowa State University studying Apparel, Merchandising, and Design. I love music, coffee, painting, and sewing!

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Umm what is FLY Designs?

FLY Designs is an apparel and home goods brand that raises awareness for mental health through the use of positive messaging and donations back to mental health organizations.

Woah why that logo??

When creating the logo, I tried including many elements that symbolize FLY Designs and the mission behind it. Firstly, the wings of the butterfly are made to resemble the letter D as this is the first letter of my first and last name. Next, I used 2 semicolons to make the antennae. Semicolons represent a sentence not being completed; that there is still more to be written. I made the wings interlock to symbolize the community I am hoping to create through the brand. I used the color green as it is the international symbol for mental health awareness. Lastly, the name FLY is not only tied to the butterfly graphic, but also an acronym for "Freely Love Yourself", a message I hope everyone is reminded of when they see my designs.

So why FLY?

The mission of FLY Designs is to raise awareness for mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding the topic. Personally, I suffer greatly from depression and anxiety and have lost 3 uncles to suicide, so this is topic that is very important to me. There is a large stigma built up around mental illness which makes it difficult for people to reach out for help. My hope is that I can start the conversation surrounding mental health and break down the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help in times of need.

How? When?

My vision for FLY Designs started as part of a class project where I was asked to create a logo for a business if we were to start one. From there, I became really intrigued by my concept and continued exploring the idea. My mom, Becky Decker, suggested I take the idea and apply to CyStarters, an 11-week summer program through Iowa State University that teaches entrepreneurship skills and gives seed money to start a business. Summer 2022, I was accepted into the program and have been working hard to put my vision in action ever since!

Thank you soooo much!

I appreciate you stopping by so much and I hope you feel inspired to freely love yourself <3